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Saturday, 22 September 2007

A new day a new diet again!

This is me at my heaviest probably between 230 and 250lb, i was in denial so refused to weigh myself.

The aim of this blog is not to get into the politics of the kimkins issue, but rather a cathartic process for myself and also share my journey with others.

Last night was the wake up call i needed. I have been posting on Kimkins for days now with little or no response I felt very alone in what was a thriving and supportive comunity. I had spent 2 weeks starving myself, yes that is a very difficult thing for me to say but yes i was eating so little I am ashamed of myself. But looking back it was the conditioning from the advice had been given.

I now have to re-evaluate what is happening with my WOE so that I can change and do it the correct way. I do feel cheated and let down badlt but it just goes to show how easily overweight people can be drawn in. We are all after that quick fix to lose weight, that magic pill or any way to lose weight that doesn't require much effort on our part.

I never want to return to my heaviest, see photo.

I have tried all diets Lighter Life and Kimkins being my last 2. Both were quick fixes which took me away from being tempted by food, yes, like alot of overweight people I am a compulsive overeater. so if I had a strict regime I could stick to it. Real food scares me.

Where do I go from here, well I think firstly i need to take it one day at a time. I am taking this week to read, educate myself and re change my mind set into a new way of thinking.

This really needs to be my last new way of eating as it need to be a life change, the way I choose to eat will be how I continue to eat permanently.

I know I am going to eat Low Carb and have joined Living La Vida Low Carb. There is more support there and everyone seems so friendly.

So here is my first entry for now I just have to get through the first few weeks then hopefully I will be a loser again. One goal is keeping me going is the prospect of going on the cruise next February.