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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Sorry for Absence, building in progress!

I realise it's been a while since I last blogged, thought I'd update and try sort myself out into a routine. We have been very busy in the last 7 months. Being 2 families moving into one house, yes a difficult concept really. Made me realise how much I compromise, which is a good thing isn't it? Some days I wondered and I'm ashamed to admit it, I had tantrums along the way, especially when going to the tip and lots of my stuff was being just tossed away. One day I was ranting so much, I thought to myself, when one of the guys from the tip came over and asked if I was alright! Did I stop with embarrassment? No! I just carried right on ranting. Thankfully the guy thought I was amusing to say the least! Any of you who knows Victor Meldrew will understand how I was ranting (YouTube him).

Our plans to expand the house finally got underway and Chris started his hard work. He amazes me how he is driven to just keep working, he does a full days work then comes home and gets straight on with the building work. Thankfully the boys were willing helpers and with team work good progress was made. we now have a dormer on the rear aspect of our house. Work has slowed a bit due to cowboy roofers and money but the external work is at least finished.

October was a sad month as my cousin and sister in law both lost their lives to cancer, it made me realise we don't see family enough! People often knock Facebook, but I am thankful for it as I can keep in touch with my family and friends more easily.

After Christmas I started my usual panic as the cruise countdown started, I needed to sort my body out. Although I have maintained my weight I needed to take it up a notch to try shift a few more pounds, yes my health is more important than the weightloss but I want to be fitter. With some wise words of encouragement from one of my very best friends I was able to give myself a kick up the backside. This is now my lifestyle and this time next year I will not need this panic as I will already be living a stable way of eating!

I joined our new leisure complex, The Pods, it was built last year although it looks quite impressive it still has quite a few teething problems! On our cruise last year we met Monique Le Roux Forslund her blog is called LifeZone she introduced me to Zumba. To be fair her session was not my best as I had climbed a waterfall in Jamaica the day before and could barely move my legs. But watching Monique made me realise this is something I think I would love to do. In the UK Zumba has just started to become popular so I now find myself doing 4-5 sessions a week! I'm at the point where I miss it when I don't do it so gonna set up the Wii this weekend and do it at home also.

My relationship with food has improved, I no longer see it as my downfall, it is there purely for nutrition and I no longer feel it has a hold on me. I still get that little voice in my head at times but I ignore it. I think as long as I keep up with the Zumba and other exercise I'm doing, it keeps me at a good emotional level to keep going. I try not to focus on my weight coming off but more on my sugar levels, they are coming down nicely and I want them to be at normal for the cruise! I am more energetic now and although I feel tired I think it is a good tiredness. I often come home from work and do not feel I can summon the energy to do a workout, but as soon as that music starts I'm away and really enjoying my session.

So I'm back and will be blogging at least once a week from now on, but you never know it may become another on of my obsessions x

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