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Thursday, 26 May 2011

20 days sugar free and low carb

Well I have to say I think I am doing well and have given myself a pat on the back, I have survived 20 days sugar free!

How has my journey been so far, well you will know if you've been following.

Week 1 I felt really ill, I was dealing with jet lag and detoxing, was it worth it? Oh yes. I lost 4 pound in that week and felt pretty good by the end of it. My headaches had gone and I was no longer waking up with a hangover feeling (the effects of high blood sugar).

Week 2 I was feeling more energised and positive, on the Wednesday I had mixed seafood with cream cheese, didn't realise the crabsticks were full of crap! This was enough to give me an increase of 2 pound. Did I feel like giving up no, although I a weak moment but thankfully just one, I got straight back on track. Lesson learnt READ THE LABELS!

Week 3 Well I'm almost at the end of it, I feel great, I have more energy, I'm less bloated and my rings are looser. I know longer feel my life is ruled by food, am I cured? Well today yes I am and I take it day by day. Do I get tempted? Yes I still do but I look at cakes and such and think no I don't want them as I know that one slip could just be the time when I'm back at square one and I really don't want to go there ever again. Yes I want to be at a stage where if I'm offered a cake and I could think ok I'll have one please enjoy it then not think of eating more. Somehow at the moment I don't feel that will happen. I've had a gain yet again +1 pound which is so frustrating, funny thing is this time I don't feel angry enough to go off plan, I know this way of eating works for me but just need to tweak the foods that personally affect my weightloss.

So when I get some answers I'll lett you know!

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