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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Mistakes are so easy to make!

Well when I weighed on Friday I had a 2 pound gain, this was very disheartening I was so annoyed but couldn't see why or how! I was baking scones and also the low carb chocolate brownies for a couple of girlfriends who were visiting. Yes you guessed it I caved into temptation and had a scone, well I told you I would be completely honest here. The good thing is I told myself only one and I had a piece of the chocolate brownie to try it. It was very nice and tasty but I know it would come at a price if I had that too often! I managed to get right back on track immediately. One thing I want to do is journal what I eat each day that way I will know exactly what I have eaten. This week I had to go back and analyse everything, it finally came to me last night right after I'd eaten what was the culprit. I had on Wednesday a sea food mix it had calamari, mussels, prawns and crab sticks only the crab sticks weren't crab they are a mix of surimi which usually only makes up about 30% the rest is stabilisers, and wheat starch, rice wine and many other ingredients. This has taught me to scrutinise everything I buy and make sure i look at the ingredients. Even the Mayo I bought tonight has sugar in it so I need to make my own, after all it is pretty easy to make.

This week I will plan much better when I am at work I don't want to be tempted so I've been researching snacks that are allowed. Monique whom I met on the recent Low Carb Cruise has a brilliant Blog LifeZone, I've added it to my recommended links, it has some great ideas of what you can eat on LCHF, also some good tips for planning weekends with the kids and eating with friends.

I know a lot of my friends in the UK will find it strange me eating lots butter and double cream as we are brain washed about low fat. But I know LCHF works there are too many people I know that this as worked for, even when I was low carb I knew I felt better but now I have to stick with this way of eating it is a life choice rather than a 'diet'! Yes eating the butter with my food is strange but I find if I have my favourite a good quality butter then it is easier.

So on a positive I think I did well getting straight back on track and I refused to get into the frame of mind when I feel guilty, as it is the guilt that starts the downward spiral of emotions.

My eating today

I don't really do breakfast I can't eat too early as I feel sick so mid morning I had some mature cheddar snack size and coffee with cream.

Lunch I had 2 chicken breasts with skin on and warmed it up with cream cheese over it.

Dinner Chris fancied fish and chips so being LCHF didn't stop me joining in I just had Haddock without the batter and ate that with butter on it.

I probably should eat more but I'm finding I am feeling satisfied and don't feel the need to eat more. The butter seems to stop me feeling hungry now, I was always an evening picker but now I feel I couldn't possibly eat anything.

So this week I am journaling what I eat each day and what kind of day I've had, I'm gonna be organised and prepared what I will be eating. Hopefully Friday I will have a loss but if I don't I'm not too fussed as apparently in the first few weeks you can have a gain before you start losing this is for the long term.

Tomorrow I'm going to my first Zumba class I'm looking forward to it and I've bought a sports bra ;-).

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